Videos / Animation

The Good Ones

Some freelance assignments I get in the mindset lets just finish it. This one came as a wish from the stars. The client wanted a poster of Akira and gave me no limitations. This is what I came up with.

Nature (whats left of it)

Some things are dear to my heart, and I try and find ways to incorporate my feelings about certain things. We are continually destroying our planet and mutating life by our pollution. So I thought I would illustrate a bird in a post apocalyptic day. Of course the cute little guys is mutated, it has 3 legs.

Galerie F

Galerie F in Chicago contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in a show. It was about a popular logo that is famous in Chicago. The logo reads "You Are Beautiful". So my idea was to have a crowded scene with people and through them you can see the type.

That One Time I Almost Killed Myself

Keep in mind that Iv'e never used a spray can before. So I thought It would be fun to finally give it a shot. So here I am in my small poor ventilated garage and a small paper mask. I was getting a headache so bad, it lasted for 2 days.

Album Art

A friend of mine saw a Instagram post I did of a snake, he asked if he could use it, I said no way. Let me give this another shot. Here is the final image.

Fun Commision

I really enjoy painting on skateboards, Its really exciting trying fit a image in the skateboard dimensions.