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The softest sandals under the sun.

A sandal that can go anywhere with comfort.

 Seize the Night

Running Shoe campaign for the runner who makes their own schedule.

 Logo exploration

We wanted to create a modern logo that complimented our healthy take on Italian cuisine.

Quarantine project

This is a story of a mural to cover to cover abandoned businesses became the cover for a beer.

How far would you go Campaign 

What lengths would you go to eat a Togo’s sandwhich?

Social media campaign


Selects from my sketchbook.

Download Resume 

To see work history and selected portfolio pieces please click on the link below.

State of Design


If I was a millionaire and could chose to do anything, it would be this. So every time I’m designing I feel like I am a millionaire.

- Joon


San Pedro, California


(626) 676 4704